Rina Properties Weekly Training Updates

Weekly Training arranged by Rina Properties to ensure all their property agents are updated with latest market info and well equipped with knowledge to service the owners, investors and buyers. 

2018 (第8场) 早会分享 题目: 做帐与报税点滴.A到Z 日期: 6 March2018 (星期二) 时间: 11:00am 地点 : RINA Gallery, Cheras HQ. 身为房产经纪, 是否在赚了很多赚过后, 不懂如何做帐? 更不懂如何报税. 一场有钱也未必有机会听到的分享课程. 由专业的accountant, Taxation, Auditor 一次性与大家分享. 一年仅此一场. 

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